DevLab Yangon

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Extend and Explore

Devlab is a space
for hacker-minded people to explore and extend
their horizons along with the community




Extending our skills everyday
by sharing within the community and
making each individual of us strong



Personal and Community Growth is
important for us. We share the same vision
and try for different goals.


As we are exploring the technology everyday, there are some activites around us. Sometimes we share our experiences within our communities or make events to share with others.

We love to hear from everyone who has come to show their experience and opinion, so we have these study and SIG groups within us.

Developer Lab Yangon holds regular events, working space for the developer and entrepreneur community to enable collaborative growth in the digital start-up ecosystem.

Some of us are programmers, some do business and some are brilliant problem solvers. We differentiate and we rock.



We are eager to send emails if you love to hear from us.
Mostly we share technology, resources and news happening around us.